Nasha- A Train-wreck of a Film which is so bad that its actually good fun

Poonam Pandey- The Queen of Online Sleaze. The woman who has used the mantra strip your way to success so well that even a couple of case studies wouldn’t be able to do justice to her talent. In an industry teeming with casting couches and other malpractices, she chose a path less trodden and achieved the ultimate dream of millions of starlets-To bag a film as a lead heroine. Genre be damned. And this I believe requires balls which our lady has surely, tons of it in fact.

Moving on to the film, there are two kinds of bad films. One where in the maker knows the material at hand is abysmal, but he will still try to package it so that the audience may get fooled. The second is when the maker knows the material at hand is so bad, that the only way to go about it is to make it really really bad. Nasha thankfully belongs to the second category and makes no bones about it. It marks the return of Amit Saxena to film direction after nearly a decade with a film like i earlier mentioned is so bad that after a while you accept whatever is happening on screen and start having fun. Billed as the most erotic film ever, Nasha leaves you completely cold as it fails to live up to even that promise and I suggest all fans of Miss Pandey to start following her on Twitter pronto. That i promise shall offer more bang for your buck as compared to this self styled sleaze fest.

Coming to the story of this film, (yes it did have one, however harebrained that was) It is about a group of school students who seem to be unwatnted at home even during summer vacations and stay back in school which gives the director the perfect excuse to retain just 10 odd students who are used like fancy props to fuel this erotic saga.

Poonam Pandey plays a teacher whose only job is to raise the testosterone level of the students and she does so by prancing around in bits and pieces of clothing and if that wasn’t enough, calls her boyfriend over to make out with him at every available opportunity in front of the students. I wish anyone ever had a teacher like that. That apart, she ends up trying to get the students together for a drama rehearsal which doesn’t have a plot and is only defined by a theme (I aint kidding here). During the so called rehearsals, the kiddo who anyway has a girlfriend to practice his art of lovemaking at any given opportunity falls for Miss Pandey’s charms and ends up stalking here everywhere, before finally catching her in the throes of passion. If that wasn’t enough, he ends up seeing her just as nature intended. Of course, the audience just gets to imagine that bit. Almost when you are bored out of the wits with the moral mumbo jumbo, comes the climax where Poonam Pandey decides to realize our kiddo’s ultimate fantasy before leaving him high and dry forever. And that in short is what Nasha is all about.

The good thing about the film is the performance of the kid Shivam Patil who lives and breathes the role. As far as Poonam Pandey is concerned, any actress who is out of work could have done this role and could have done this FAR BETTER.

The technical aspects are just about average with one standout track, which is the title track. It is quite catchy.

One small note i made was the background score had one tune which was so good that the makers decided to use it throughout the film, situation be damned.

So, for all its worth Nasha is just an apology of a film which thankfully doesn’t really claim otherwise. And considering the opening it has taken, it has left behind the Neil Nitin Mukesh and the Preity Zintas of Bollywood strictly with respect to box office collections, which just goes on to prove what Miss Pandey is capable of.

Her success is a slap on the face of Bollywwod as she has become what she wants to, on her own terms and that is frankly speaking next to impossible.

I just couldn’t end this without adding what a friend had to say after this film. “What if Jiah Khan had been offered this film? Probably it would have saved her life” and probably the film as well. I couldn’t really agree more.

My Rating- 1/5

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