Lekar Hum Deewana Dil- Could have been a Gem of a film, only if it had tried hard enough!

Let me start with what I was expecting from the film. With such pedigree behind this film, I was expecting sheer magic to unfold on screen. First of all, it was Imtiaz Ali’s brother who was making his directorial debut. Add to that Raj Kapoor’s grandson who was all set to carry his legacy forward. If that wasnt enough, add the greatness of AR Rahman to the mix and what you have on paper is a film bursting with spunk. What I got was a bland, boring film which didn’t have even an iota of originality to it. I walked out feeling cheated by a team which promised the moon, but sadly failed to even take off.

LKDD-1Two college friends turned lovers elope and get married when they realize the girl is getting into a forced life of matrimony. In wilderness, they realize they are not quite made for each other and return back to their families to duly begin the procedure of annulment. This takes up half the film. The procedure of annulment and in between how the two hearts start beating for each other forms the rest of the story. There, which of these even the words I mentioned above sounded original? Liberally picked up from classics like Saathiya and his own brother’s Socha Na Tha, Lekar Hum Deewana Dil is a disaster.

Armaan Jain in his first film proves why he will forever remain Raj Kapoor’s grandson and nothing else. The boy doesn’t boast of a single acting bone in his body and is ill equipped to handle such a complex character. Deeksha Seth in comparison is terrific in a role which required a mix of authority, madness and restlessness.. Probably a bunch of films down south added to her experience. Arif Ali as the director has a nice story to narrate, but some how fails to translate it on screen.

LKDDAmidst all that mess, the one man who stands tall is AR Rahman. Only if Arif had selected better tunes. Nevertheless, ARR whips up a crazy score which has some terrific songs and some plain average songs. The sun soaked locations of Goa and the jungles of Chhtisgarh have been shot well by Laxman Uttekar and that helps making the film look visually grand.

Nevertheless, with such a terrific team behind this film, all we get is a disastrous mess. I really hope Arif learns from his mistake and serves us a dose of originality in his next offering.



BulleTT Raja- An ensemble masala film which almost pulls it off!!!!

Tigmanshu Dhulia, the man famous for his trippy title sequences and for his penchant of making statements arrives again albeit in a more commercial avatar this time. He gives us a Saif Ali Khan we have been dying to watch ever since Langda Tyagi happened. And he doesn’t disappoint us. It is vintage Saif in full form supported by an equally fiery Jimmy Sheirgill who has quietly been delivering swashbuckling performances one after the other. This duo alone makes Bullett Raja a thrilling ride.

Set amid-st the badlands of UP, two men drawn together by fate, end up becoming a gang. Saif as Raja and Jimmy as Rudra make life hell for everyone around when they decide to become political commandos. Their mayhem continues till Sonakshi arrives on screen and predictably, Saif falls for her. But it is the way Saif professes his love for the damsel which leaves you charmed. Together, the troika with able support from the rest of the cast boasting of some heavy names like Raj Babbar, Chunky Pandey, Ravi Kissen and Gulshan Grover manage to keep you entertained in the first half. It is when Jimmy is bumped off at the end of the first half, that the film starts spiraling downwards. Even the introduction of our very own Vidyut Jammwal doesn’t bring life to the proceedings and you are left disappointed because you don’t expect half baked dishes from that man,Dhulia.


Performances are all top notch and if they had been given a better story then they would have wreaked havoc on screen or as Raja fondly says, Pralay macha denge. The film although belongs to Saif and Saif alone and he shines. He sinks his teeth into the role and dishes out a clap-worthy performance, Sonakshi is barely there and acts at best like a scene filler. Mahie Gill is average in an item number.

The music is disappointing and not even a single song registers. The dialogues, the camera work and the action all are good but alas, they are nothing extra ordinary.

I truly believe Dhulia is a director who makes small films look large and maybe a scale of such epic proportions made him deviate more towards the commercial side, hence diluting the impact. nevertheless, the effort deserves respect and for that reason alone, the film should be watched once.

Rating- 3/5