BewaKoofiyan – Thoda Stupid, Thoda Fun…Poora Dil-Logical!!!!!!

Imagine a film where Sonam Kapoor gets to wear her choicest outfits and reaffirm her status as a reigning fashionista? That is Bewakoofiyan. Imagine a film where Rishi Kapoor once again steals the show. That is Bewakoofiyan. And imagine a film where Ayushman Khurana gets to play the cool Punjabi munda again. That is Bewakoofiyan. As the tagline goes- Pyaar mein thoda stupid. This film is actually way stupider than you can imagine. But its an incredibly goofy film and with a charismatic bunch of actors leading the show, you end up enjoying the show. Special credit to Habib Faisal for injecting humor into a topic which is serious,oops make that very serious. Recession is something which is enough to knock the wind out of any corporate employee, so to build a story upon that and layer it with dollops of satire does deserve brownie points.


The story is about Mohit Chadha (Ayushman) who from being promoted as a Senior Executive turns unemployed in a matter of days and from there on, the cat and mouse game begins between Rishi and Ayushman. Sonam plays the ideal foil to the two men and the rich successful corporate woman role seems made for her. The fluffy dialogues and the vibrant cinematography keeps you interested and you enjoy while it lasts.

Ayushman Khurana who is 3 films old now displays a terrific growth since his last film role (Nautanki Saala) and ably stands up to Rishi Kapoor. Sonam like always is cuteness personified and giggles through her part with amazing chutzpah. The music unlike the previous Raghu Dixit- Nupur Asthana combo (Mujhse Fraandship Karoge) isnt as fresh but a couple of songs are dancy and hummable.

Lastly, Nupur Asthana in her second film shows her appetite for handling romcoms if given a chance and emerges triumphant with her second venture. This one can be watched if you have nothing else to do. Unless you love the Ramsays too much.

Rating- 3/5


BesHaraM- A cringe worthy film which tests the extent of your tolerance!!!!

When was the last time you came out of a Ranbir Kapoor film feeling cheated? For many, the answer would be never. For me, the only unwatchable film in his body of work is Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani….That was, till I watched Besharam!!!! I am no one to debate on the man’s talents, clearly in a span of 6 years, he has transformed into a true blue superstar who has built up a reputation of taking up the most challenging roles and dishing out performances we take home with us and he in turn has been taking home the best actor awards every year. But the juggernaut had to end some where and clearly the buck stops here. Ever since I had watched the first promo of this film, I had braced myself up for a rip roaring comedy which would have fresh, peppy music and a solid quota of dishoom dishoom and add to that, the whole Kapoor khandaan package was like a sone pe suhaga.

But then, the music released and the seeds of doubts were sown right there. After giving us one chart buster after another, here was a Ranbir kapoor soundtrack which did not boast of a SINGLE groovy track. Not just that, the music harped back to a different era altogether and it was then I decided to not except too much from this film. 10 laughs and a couple of terrific performances was all i went in expecting. Alas, I came out not even laughing once during the film although the kapoor scion did deliver a rock solid performance. Sadly, the script failed him big time.

The story is about an orphan who grows up to be a car thief. He is the best in the business and is very kicked with his life until he falls in love. And thus begins the road to redemption. Its that simple really. There is nothing more to the story beyond this. Add to this a childless police couple who want to retire rich. Throw in a villain who has a permanent scowl on his face. Every character has been designed in such a manner that in their zaniness, in their madness, you will find relief and fun. Alas, what you end up getting is a film which is so obnoxious that you really double check the director’s pedigree and realize the fact that YES, he is Anurag Kashyap’s brother. Abhinav kashyap who gave us such an iconic character in Chulbul pandey manages to come up with a hero called Babli. Is that even remotely funny? Naah.

Shot amidst the hustle and bustle of Dilli and Chandigarh, the film spends its first half showing us how sweet and good hearted Ranbir’s Babli is beneath that naughty exterior. And in the second half, it makes him fall in love. In the middle of all that, there is truck loads of Potty humour (Literally) and scenes which make you squirm in your seat. I mean who puts a sock in his underwear? I mean I am a big fan of masala films, but the fact is that they should entertain. Besharam clearly forgot that part and the writers came up with a story which did not even deserve to be made as a B film. How then did Abhinav kashyap manage to get stars of the ilk of Ranbir and Rishi Kapoor on board is still a baffling mystery to me.

Ranbir kapoor once again delivers a superlative performance, but there is only this much he can do with such a shoddy script. Rishi kapoor lightens up the screen every time he appears and his final outburst ala Sunny Deol is too Rohit Shetty in attempt but is fun all the same. The ladies in the film are the ones who further contribute in making Besharam a boring and sorry affair. Pallavi Sharda seen earlier in a two scene cameo in Love Breakups Zindagi has just two expressions in her repertoire and she still doesn’t know which one to use when. Terribly miscast. Neetu Singh is too loud and delivers a one note performance.

The music is horrible and the fact that after every 15 mins, a song pops up doesnt really help. The songs are right out of a 90’s film and clearly the famous Jatin-Lalit are incomplete without each other. lalit pandit here is the one to be blamed. The camera work is adequate and captures every frame beautifully. The script as mentioned before is absoultely crassy. But it is the director Abhinav kashyap who dissapoints me the most. After a genre breaking Dabanng, he takes 3 years to pen such a terrible film.

No doubt, the star power of Ranbir kapoor will fetch this film a thunderous start, but with the kind of content this film has, it wouldn’t even come close to the heights Yeh Jawani…had attained collections wise. Unless our gud ol junta takes a liking to this screwed up film. After all, last month we had another puerile release called Grand Masti which has emerged a blockbuster. But die hard Ranbir fans, get ready to pluck your hair out of desperation.

Rating- 1/5


Shuddh Desi Romance: A fresh and spunky take on relationships!!!!!

Indian Cinema has for long been accused of sticking to the ‘They married and lived happily ever after’ kinda ending. Most of the love stories show you what happens in love…without really showing showing you what happens IN LOVE…..Shuddh Desi Romance ventures into a hitherto unknown territory…It speaks about how do people confess undying love for each other between the sheets but refuse to do so on the marriage altar. And it refuses the usual girl will have to play the sacrificial lamb trend. It gives birth to a new kind of film which is fearless in its approach and leaves you thinking about what comes after love.

SPOILERS AHEAD….If you have not watched the film skip this paragraph and read ahead!!!!!

It is a story of 3 youngsters. Raghu, Tara and Gayatri.  Their dreams, their aspirations, their confusions and their COMMITMENT PHOBIA. Yes, their refusal to commit to each other is what drives the film. It explores how youngsters in so called smaller cities are no longer worried about ‘Padosi kya sochenge’, ‘maa baap kya sochenge’ and all that societal bondings. They are hellbent on finding their true love and it doesn’t matter if they find it in their second, third or for that matter their tenth attempt. But what happens when they do find that love? Raghu who is all set to marry Tara bumps into Gayatri on the way to his wedding and after spending a night on the bus, he realizes he is after all all set to marry the wrong girl. He runs away from his wedding, leaving Tara high and dry. After some time, Raghu and Gayatri cross paths again and this time, Raghu is in no mood to let her go and professes his love for Gayatri and after some yes-no, manages to convince her and moves in with her. Their love story begins and happily chugs along until one night in a state of drunken stupor, they decide to get married the next day. And this time, Gayatri develops cold feet and runs away from her wedding leaving Raghu high and dry. This hurts Raghu so much that he loses faith in the institution of marriage  and gets back to his normal life until a chance encounter with Tara sets in motion a chain of events where he ends up falling for her. Yes, he realizes the girl he was all set to marry before he developed cold feet is actually a hot, happening and the kind of girl he doesn’t mind getting married to. BUT like the proverbial entry of an old villian, Gayatri bumps into him at a wedding and the lovers realize they still have a thing or two for each other. Tara realizes she never really had a chance and quietly exits the story and Raghu and Gayatri decide to get married again, but alas both run away from their wedding AGAIN. So finally they understand that they don’t exactly need a societal stamp of marriage to spend a life loving each other.

The storyline is refreshing and fresh and the performances by the three main leads, Sushant Singh Rajput as Raghu, Parineeti Chopra as Gayatri and Vaani Kapoor as Tara is terrific. Add Rishi Kapoor to the mix and you have a perfect star cast. This has to be kept in mind that this is just the thrid film for Parineeti, second for Sushant and first for Vaani. But they give a seasoned performance and keep you entertained throughout. Casting Rishi Kapoor as the wedding caterer is a master-stroke. The man seems to be getting better with age and delivers a knock-out performance.

The music is peppy and suits the film just right. Sachin Jigar seem to deliver one hit soundtrack after another. The film has been lensed well and you fall in love with Jaipur and want to visit the city. A special mention for the art direction. Most of the locations are real and they add that touch of authenticity which the film required. the director, Maneesh Sharma who earlier gave us ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’ and ‘Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl’ is in fine form here and brings out a terrific performance from all his cast members.

Married or not, in a relationship or not, this is a film which would keep you really interested for almost 75% of its runtime. Its only towards the end that the film loses steam and the plot becomes a bit unrealistic. But for its sheer freshness factor and spirited performances, I believe you should give this a watch!



D- Day: This one is a gritty and RAW watch which keeps you engrossed throughout.

Zero Dark Thirty anyone? That brilliant film on Osama’s capture won millions of hearts and fans worldwide. This one sets about on a similar mission. Not to win several hearts. But to capture a wanted terrorist. The terrorist in question is hands down the best Dawood portrayal we have had ever. I say this not because of Rishi Kapoor’s excellent portrayal of the D Man but because in this film Dawood is shown probably the way we imagine him. An enigma of sorts. More on that later, D- Day as a film comes across as a fine mix of fact and fiction which has been blended superbly keeping the tastes of aam junta in mind who expect our thrillers to be high on action and energy.

This film will not break any records, neither will it set the box office on fire. But like wine, this will grow on your mind. It would take rapt attention on your part to digest this film as it refuses to spoon-feed the viewer. Nikhil Advani delivers his best film since Kal Ho Naa Ho, and that was 10 years back. Meanwhile, he stooped down to distasteful levels and served us crass films like Chandni Chowk to China and overlong love story tripe like Salaam-e-Ishq. But with this film he returns and how.

Getting hold of a fabulous star-cast is one thing and extracting superlative performances out of them is purely something else. Advani succeeds on both counts and the result is a freshly baked crime thriller.

Cutting to the chase, the story is about bringing Goldman (Rishi Kapoor) back to India alive. When the prime minister ( a fine spoof of Manmohan Singh with references of Sonia Gandhi thrown in for good measure) refuses to permit a mission to officially bring Goldman back alive, the director of R & AW Nasseer (a bit out of form here) enlists the services of a an army officer, an explosives expert and a criminal who would be pardoned incase he returns successful. The troika sets off for Pakistan where they are joined by another R & AW employee who has been waiting forever (read 9 years) for that opportune moment to catch Goldman alive.  All 4 of them come together and almost kidnap Goldman before it goes horribly wrong. How the hunters become the hunted and how do they capture Goldman again forms the rest of the story leading to a brilliant climax.

The performances are all top notch but special mention should be made for Arjun Rampal who is terrific as Major Rudra Pratap Singh. Such searing intensity from the man who many dubbed as a wooden actor. This easily is his best performance.

Irfan Khan is uniformly brilliant and lights up the screen with his eyes and underplays his character beautifully. It is so good to see him getting roles which he can sink his teeth into and deliver marvelous results.

Huma Querishi left me surprised. She is in top form here after Gangs and delivers a knockout performance as the woman among the men. She has all the makings of a superlative actress and with time, she will go places.

Rishi Kapoor is good as usual, but somehow his character takes over and the credit lies in the fact that we see Goldman and not Rishi Kapoor. The man who has gone on a reinvention spree adds another gem to his crown with this performance.

The new actress Shriswara who plays Irfan’s wife is a dynamite of talent and her casting is so apt that not for once does her performance come across as an act. She is unbelievably natural and I would like to see her in more films for sure.

And here I come to the film’s most dazzlying performance. That of Shruti Haasan. She is the soul of the film and quite simply adds gravitas to the story. In a relatively smaller role, she burns up the screen and I must see she has truly arrived and her performance in ‘3’ wasn’t just a one off. In-fact her act in D Day makes me want to watch her more and I wouldn’t be surprised if I land up at a theater to watch the idiotic looking Ramaiyya Vastavaiyya only for her.

The technical crew is fantastic with Tushar Kanti Ray leading the charge on the cinematography front. One of the youngest cinematographers on the block, his snake like camera brings Karachi alive ( shot in Ahmedabad). The music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy is terrific with respect to the film. For the second week in succession, I have found their soundtrack more groovy after I have watched the film ( last being Bhaag Milkha Bhaag). The song Alvida is a knockout, especially the way it is pictured. The writers (Niranjan Iyengar and Advani being the prominent ones) deserve kudos here for not getting carried away with the subject in hand and sticking to the most important factor- i.e delivering an entertaining film.

So, for me D-Day is a film which I never really had much hopes on, but what transpired in those two and half hours left me completely transfixed. Extremely topical and extremely well written, this one deserves a watch.

My Rating- 3.5/5