Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania- Cheesy hai, par breezy hai!!!!

Every film starring Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra is special because in just 2-3 films they have turned into stars. And Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania has two of them and in fine form too. What director Shashank Khaitan does right is using DDLJ as a leitmotif for decoding the story. What he also does right is creating a crackling chemistry between the lead pair.

The story does not really deserve any brownie points. Its the usual boy meets girl, boy woos girl, boy and girl want to marry but the father objects before he gives in. But in the treatment lies the film’s novelty. With a fine set of actors forming the support cast, HSKD is a film which keeps you smiling throughout.

hskd2As the story shifts gears in the second half and introduces us to Siddharth Shukla, the film gets even more interesting as the only thing missing in a romance also gets ticked off the box-otherwise called kabab mein haddi. Ashutosh Rana is given a well sketched role and he performs with gusto. The two friends of varun are riproaringly funny and do a brilliant job. But it is Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt who are the stars. They come up with a terrific performance which makes the story so believable.

The music is just apt with a mix of wedding, club and romantic songs. Director Shashank Khaitan hits a sixer with his first film and is a director who we can forward to.

As an audience, I enjoyed the film and I am sure you will too. Its illogical, makes no sense mostly but is a breezy watch and the jokes keep coming till the end..




Hasee Toh Phasee – A Spectacular Yin and Yang take on Romance!

When two completely opposite schools of film making come together, the one thing you can be assured of is that you will be served a delicious film. So, when Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap shook hands on a film project, it got me thinking on the template of the film. Thankfully, the film takes the Dharma approach and gives it the Phantom touch to create a film which takes the done to death Bollywood romance and gives it a fresh new coat of paint.

Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra play the perfect Yin and Yang to each other in this Rom com which keeps you smiling all throughout. No slapstick here, nno over the top comedy as well. Just a warm story garnished with dollops of romance and a bucketful of smiles is what we get. And as a bonus we get a fabulous performance from not only the lead actors but also the supporting actors.


Hasee Toh Phasee is about Siddharth and his love story which begins right at the onset. His love for Adah Sharma is defined by some rules. He needs to continuously prove himself to be worthy of her love and yet he wont let her go as he realizes how difficult it is to get into another relationship. In walks Parineeti Chopra, who plays Adah’s loony sister and sparks fly. Over the course of a week, Sid realizes his love for Pari and decides to take the plunge.

The story isn’t anything new, but its the treatment which wins you over. There are characters whom you simply fall in love with. Like Manoj Joshi who plays Parineeti’s father. His endearing love for his daughter really touches your heart or a Accapella singer from Kanpur whose bunch of funny antics easily win over you.

Throw in some soulful songs, some amazing cinematography and the good ole Bombay seen through a new perspective and you have a film which you have to like. Director Vinil Matthews makes a confident debut and narrates a story which is real as well as endearing. Coming to the actors, Parineeti Chopra is a scene steal-er that we have realized by now. This is her 4th film and she already looks a 50 film veteran by the way she acts. Siddharth Malhotra is a revelation and he plays the cool, silent lover boy with aplomb. A word here for Kashyap’s dialogues- they ROCK!!!

If you have been waiting for a love story which you can relate to, then this it! Go watch Hasee Toh Phasee and the smile you will have plastered on your face at the end of the film would tell you why the film was named so!!


Gori Tere Pyaar Mein: A futile exercise in self depreciation!!!!!

Punit Malhotra, who had burst onto the Bollywood bandwagon with a surprise hit called I Hate Luv Storys a couple of years back, returns with his second directorial venture called Gori Tere Pyaar Mein and yes, before you ask, the GORI in the title is a reference to Kareena’s complexion. And after watching the film, I have just one question for Punit- Why Imran? Or rather why Imran again? The director who probably decided to try his luck for the second time by casting Imran surely doesnt realise the meaning of the word Miscast. And alas, this film is all set to be a resounding flop, both commercially and critically. In the hands of a better and more charismatic actor, this film could have been a mega success. Alas, that is not going to be the case.

The story is about an aimless guy who prefers to party wee into the night instead of attending his aunt’s funeral. But his life changes when he comes across a wannabe social worker girl who impresses him with a first Tooh. Then begins the clash of ideologies between a yuppie who doesnt care about anyone other than himself and an activist who finds a new issue everyday to fight for. While they break up at the end of the first half, the guy goes looking for her in a godforsaken village where she has been camping for 11 months, doing god knows what. But as soon as the guy reaches the village, she remembers that they have a bridge to build and this makes the guy who had forgotten that he has studied architecture spring into action. The rest of the film is about how he finally manages to build the bridge and in turn bridge the gap which existed between him and the girl. Too smart, are we?


My heart goes out to Kareena Kapoor. She looks luminously beautiful in every frame. But alas, with zilch support from Imran Khan, there is only this much she could do. In fact, even Shraddha Kapoor steals away the couple of scenes where she features with Imran. The rest of the cast is ho hum and the chemistry between Imran and Kareena is as cold as the Shimla winters. Infact, Imran manages to establish more chemistry with Esha Gupta who stars in a song than he does with Kareena in the whole film.

The songs are quite dancy and peppy, but with such a shoddy script, even good music doesn’t really help matters. Mahesh Limaye captures each frame with delicate hands and gives us a visually nice film to look at. But alas, the film suffers from the predicament which plagues most of KJo films. Behind all that gloss and glamour, there is a void where ideally there should have been a script. And for that I blame the director Punit Malhotra, who is one of the writers.

If you must watch this film, then be prepared to come out feeling confused just like I did wondering why do people still cast Imran Khan who has exactly 3 expressions in his repertoire.

Rating- 1.5/5