RaanJhanaa-A Spectacular tale of Unbridled Love…..

Today’s films reflect today’s mindset. Or so goes the saying. Taking that into consideration, today’s love is instant. You take the girl out for a cup of coffee and you propose. If she says yes, the love story begins. Otherwise you repeat the situation with another girl. And this trend isn’t just limited to hook ups. It applies to breakups as well. In fact, the couples even end up drifting apart by just SMS-ing each other. I am not saying that. Our so called realistic film makers are.

And that is where Raanjhanaa begs to differ. This is a story of one sided love where our lover compares his devotion for his love on the same pedestal as that of his devotion for god. He believes they are made for each other and he shall wait for ever to acquire her. Now doesn’t this sound as silly reading? I mean everlasting love has become such an alien term for us.

This saga of love which crosses all boundaries is the story of Raanjhanaa and its lead players Dhanush K Raja and Sonam Kapoor light up the screen with a performance so god damn marvelous that it left me dazed long after the film ended.

Embellished with one of the best musical scores in recent times from the maestro AR Rahman himself, Raanjhanaa flows along much like the Ganga it depicts in quite a lot of its scenes. The city of Benaras becomes a character and along with the lead players and Dhanush’s friends played by Mohd Zeeshan Ayub and Swara Bhaskar, the cast runs riot on screen.

In fact such is the command of all the actors over their craft  that you never once feel you are watching a film which may seem dated. The second half which has been much criticized, for me forms the backbone of the film and sets up the film for its brilliant climax.

Director Anand L Rai is a rare genius, not because he has created a masterpiece. Make no mistake, Raanjhanaa by no means is a masterpiece. It is a BRAVE film which shows us city folks what love means to an average boy in a small city who is beyond worries such as setting up a acareer, saving up for a car or a house and other such mundane activities which rule our lives.

The lingo used in the film is also another reason why you feel for the characters. The dialogues are pure gems and the timing is perfect. Every aspect of Raanjhanaa shows us that it is a labor of love. Not since Udaan has a character emerged on the Hindi screen whom you take home with you, and I did so with Kundan.

And this is why, i accept that Raanjhanaa is a terrific film in-spite of its flaws because behind every flaw seems a reason and that reason for me was totally justified.

In-case you haven’t watched it yet, go relish the experience. There are only 2 reactions you shall have-either you will love it or loathe it. Both ways, THE film wins.