Grand Masti- Stay away if you do not want to get brainRaped!!!

At the onset, let me tell you I have no problems with sex comedies. In fact I enjoy watching sex comedies as much as any other genre of films. I had quite enjoyed watching the earlier installment of Masti. But nothing prepared me for the 2 1/2 hour onslaught I was about to face when I stepped in to watch GrandMasti. Calling the film senseless, bad or other such noble terms would be glorifying the film and giving it respect way beyond what it desrves. It is at best an attempt to showcase how unimaginative crass and disrespectful you can become at the cost of producing a hit film. I sincerely believe the director of Grand Masti must have been subjected to child abuse and must have been kept in an all men’s enclosure for years. Because he not just objectifies women, he literally strips every moral respect I had for him for making films like Dhamaal, Dil, Beta, Mann etc.

Inder Kumar, I am very sorry to say this, but if you had been given a tight slap when you were around 20 by a couple of girls, we wouldn’t have to then bear this wretched piece of crass. Such hatred for a film is very rare for someone like me as I try to find one redeeming factor in every film. Trust me, I tried my best and couldn’t come up with any point for this film.

The story is exactly like the previous film where three husbands bored with their boring family lives embark on a sex drive to their college reunion. The college is called SLUTS and the three girls they manage to ensnare are called Rose, Mary and Marlow. (You get the drift? It isn’t even half as funny as it was in Kyaa Super Kool Hai Hum)…I don’t blame the writers…I believe they gave their all to Kyaa Super kool hai hum and Grand Masti is just a repetition of that and some sms jokes. So as usual, they end up getting caught for dropping their pants and doing nothing for hours under the sheets. ( You see, like everyone else they can only fantasize). The rest of the film is about how they try their level best to not let their hornier halves know about their sexcapades.

Now a script as obnoxious as this wouldn’t really catch the fancy of any star. So, the director decides to go along with the original cast. The only difference is 10 years back, all 3 of them were at the top of their game and in the current scenario whatever films they decide to participate in is declared a flop even before its release. Add to the mix 6 out of work item girl/out of work actresses and you have the perfect recipe to make a puerile film.

My problem with the film isn’t about the fact that it is downright crass, my problem is that no joke seemed like a joke to me. In the day and age of watzapp and bbm, these are jokes you have heard, read and imagined. So, the situations are so unfunny and the gags so pathetic that all you wish for is the film to end soon. Straddled with couple of terrible songs and gaudy sets, this film I believe was aiming for the Razzies.

I suspect it will take a terrific opening and will easily double its investment. What worries me more is that in a sex deprived country where raping a woman is not even considered a crime till it attains the level of brutality of the Nirbhaya case, a film like this will only give rise to such crimes. And then we will have the stars of these films tweeting about the situation of the country. To put the record straight, this is the worst film of the year and if you happen to even pass by a theater playing this film…you know what to do…Be scared..Be very Scared!!!!!

Rating- 0/5