Revolver Rani- The Good, Bad and Ugly attempt that almost works!

The Queen arrives again, this time in a bad ass avatar. Flavor of the season Kangana Ranaut returns 7 weeks after her biggest blockbuster in a role which is everything which Queen was not. A woman who swears and kills every second is something we don’t see much in Indian films. But director Sai Kabir gives us a new age Bandit Queen who is phun and extremely phasunable. An attempted westerner, again a genre very new to Indian films, works like a charm in the first part before coming apart in the second half. Alas, if only the fun had lasted a lil more.

Revolver_Rani_First_Look_PosterThe film takes you to Chambal where Alka Singh rules. She shoots and kills with elan and wants to possess everything. Enter Vir Das, who in an attempt to take Kangana for a ride gets stuck as her toy boy. Along with Piyush Mishra who plays Alka’s mama and guardian, this film chugs along quite nicely in the first half which introduces us to Alka’s quirks. A black comedy in every sense, it is intriguing and fun at the same time. But everything comes apart in the second half once Alka gets pregnant and becomes a typical girl which we all thought she isn’t before a rousing finale which leaves the scope for a sequel.

As an idea, I give full marks to director Sai Kabir. As an all conquering woman dacoit, Revolver Rani works. And Kangana again is a revelation. But saddled with a half baked screenplay and dull songs, there is as much as she can do. The charm and wittiness in the script which made Queen such a lovely film is missing here and that is one reason why Revolver Rani collapses. Nevertheless, it is a bold attempt and such films should be encouraged.
If a hatke film is your requirement, then Revolver Rani should do just fine. Expecting a Queen kinda encore would leave you disappointed.



2 States- 2 much of EVERYTHING!

There was a time when Indian books rarely witnessed cinematic translations. Our films were mostly the same old wine served in a new bottle. Then came a new breed of film makers who wrote stories which were edgy and fun. But some how once in a while, there was always a film which was adapted from a book. Chetan Bhagat changed all that. The most read Indian author writes books with a single point agenda- to see them made into films. And I will not disagree that most of stories have a seed which can see fabulous cinematic translations if only it is innovated well. This is where Kai Po Che worked and 2 States fails. There is nothing new which 2 States offers and stays loyal to its literary source. But that is the least of its problems. at 2 hrs 30 mins, its a film which is 2 long, 2 boring and 2 pointless which should have ideally ended in less than 2 hours. Why then is it doing so well? Blame it on the promotional campaign, the fan following of 2 States the novel and Alia Bhatt. Yes you read that right. The 2 film old Alia Bhatt scorches the screen and is the single most redeeming factor of the film.

2-states-poster-new-horizontal-size-image_0The story is about a typical boy and girl who fall in love and agree to marry each other. What they sweat over for the rest of the film is marrying their families. The North vs South debate is stretched like a chewing gum and there wasn’t a single cliche which the director missed. As the film huffs and puffs to its end, we see both the leads Krish and Ananya slogging over getting accepted by the other family.

I would give credit where its due. Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt make for a cute couple, but in front of Alia’s charisma, Arjun’s act simply pales. The man who must be used to rough and tough roles by now, tries his hand at playing a upscale Delhi boy for the first time and doesn’t really falter. To support the sprightly young pair, we have Amrita Singh who still has the gravitas and Ronit Roy who snarls his way through as the boy’s parents and Revathi and Shiv Subramanium who are graceful in their parts.
With a spunky soundtrack and beautiful cinematography, all the film needed was crisp editing and that would have made it work like a charm. But sadly, that is not the case and the film remains a string of beautiful images strung together which as independent scenes make for a good watch, but as a whole film tests your patience.
Director Abhishek Varman makes a confident debut and the combo of Dharma and Nadiadwala esnures that he gets the crew and the locations he asked for. IIM Ahmedabad looks beautiful on camera and appears fresh.

But all said and done, it is Alia’s performance alone which I take back home from the film. If her performances in her last 2 films are anything to go by, this is an actress who will go a long way. Calling her phenomenal would be an understatement, sadly cant say the same about the film.


BhootNath Returns- A heartwarming film which left me Bachchaned once again!!!!

An Amitabh Bachchan film is always a dekko. Why? Simply because he is the biggest superstar our country has produced. We often dont know whether the film is good or bad, we just wanna go and Bachchan it.That was what I decided too. After voting on a Thursday morning, I walked in straight into a show of Bhootnath Returns. After all, the credibility attached to the film made it simply unmissable. The director of the film is one half of the director duo of Chillar Party, that gem of a film which charmed us few years back. And going by what his partner Vikas Bahl achieved with Queen, it was but natural to check out what Nitesh Tiwari who directs Bhootnath Returns had up his sleeve. And when I emerged out of the show with a smile plastered on my face, I knew that I had been simply Bachchaned.
bhoothnath-returns-movie-poster-1The story takes off where the first installment of Bhootnath ended and Amitabh Bachchan as the lovable Bhjootnath is sent back to earth to scare some kids, something he failed to achieve in his last film. During his mission, he befriends a slum kid funnily called Akhrot (Parth Bhalerao, excellent) who brings him face to face with the problems common men face. How he uses his Bhutiya power and how he campaigns for the election and teaches the country to vote, forms the rest of the film.

Amitabh Bachchan is in fine form as Bhootnath and doesn’t put a foot wrong. Boman Irani as the scoundrel politician offers able able support and Usha Jadhav and Parth Bhalerao as mother and son are excellent. What is most endearing g is the fact that the film has a heart and the issues it takes up are real. What adds to the film is the release timing. This being the election season is the best time to watch a film. A Bhoot asking you to vote. Sounds crazy, but is a riot on screen.
The lack of foot tapping music affects the film to an extent, but the songs work fine in the context of the film. Overall, its a film which is different from the usual and on Amitabh Bachchan’s credibility and star power, it will go far and wide. Give it a watch. This Ghost will surely convert you into a dost.


Main Tera Hero- Tries too hard to be funny and FAILS!!

David Dhawan commonly refereed to as the baap of comedies returns. After his last effort, a cringeworthy remake of Chasme Buddoor, Dhawan must have been looking for ways to reinvent himself. And making a film with his son might have sounded like a perfect reinvention plan. And Varun Dhawan almost pulls it off. With his charm and acting chops, this boy is all set for a long haul in Bollywood and he provides us with ample evidence of that in Main Tera Hero.

Poster-of-Bollywood-film-Main-Tera-Hero-starring-Varun-Dhawan-Nargis-Fakhri-and-Ileana-DCruz-The story is about a naughty boy who falls head over heels in love with a girl in his college and oblivious to him, the girl is also the object of affection of a police inspector. How he wins the girl from right under the policewala’s nose forms half of the story. The rest of the story is shot in a large villa where the hero is summoned as he has managed to impress a gangster’s daughter who wants him at all costs.
Both Nargis Fakhri and Ileana DCruz support Varun Dhawan ably, but it is his film and he carries the film through. Whether it be a comic scene or an action scene or an emotional scene, Varun excels and it is only becuase of him that the film is watchable. Arunoday Singh and Rajpal Yadav help keep you entertained and Anupam Kher and Saurabh Shukla as the gangster daddy and his associate are apt in their roles.

With a couple of chartbusters which have already caught on with the youth, there is no doubt that the film will make money. But what is a delight to see is how Varun has matured in just his second film. FOllowing on the footsteps of his fellow co debutants Siddharth and Alia, Varun also shows that the success of Student of the Year was not a flash in the pan.
If you are that interested to watch a film which subscribes typically to the idea of David DHawan’s toilet humour, then it is only Varun who will kep you engaged. If you dont like him, chances are youll walk out of the film midway.