Ragini MMS 2- All Sun-Sunny…..Nothing Else really!!

The film starts with the original Ragini scratching walls before you are treated to the opening credits which don’t just roll out, but literally blare out of the screen. You need to watch it to understand what I mean. The film then moves to a film launch which is the launch of Ragini MMS (yes film within a film again). And there in sways our Baby Doll in gay abandon. Sunny Leone scorches the screen in that one song and then heaves and thrusts throughout the rest of the film. Parveen Dabbas plays Rocks, a director hell bent on making a Horrex film ( a combination of Horrer and Sex) and takes a motley bunch to the same place where Ragini MMS actually happened. For company he has Sandhya Mridul playing naughty at forty, Anita Hassnandani playing boho at forty and a TV actor who hams to the hilt and a scriptwriter who has nothing to do apart from making a puppy face whenever Sunny is within 100 mts around him. And thus begins the madness. Divya Dutta joins the fun as a psychiatrist trying to solve the puzzle behind Ragini’s looniness. Sunny Leone is in various stages of undress throughout the film. And she is so bloody hot that even the ghost doesn’t bother to join the party. Loosely inspired from The Conjuring, this is what I would call a perfect disaster film. But Alas, with a chartbuster soundtrack, this film is all set to make merry at the box office.
As for the performances, this is Sunny Leone’s best performance and considering she is 175 films old (which includes 2 Hindi films) doesn’t say much. But I must say I enjoyed 1 particular scene in the film. It is when Sunny transforms to her true self and moans her way to glory. She excels in that scene and that apart, the film is as dumb as it can ever get. The climax which was supposed to be Sunny’s acting breakout moment or so she claimed is as weird as the rest of the film. And a film which claims to be a horrex, even the horror and the sexual bits are just for tease. And what’s more, the success of this film ensures we will have to endure a third part. Now that is SCARY!

One thought on “Ragini MMS 2- All Sun-Sunny…..Nothing Else really!!

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