BewaKoofiyan – Thoda Stupid, Thoda Fun…Poora Dil-Logical!!!!!!

Imagine a film where Sonam Kapoor gets to wear her choicest outfits and reaffirm her status as a reigning fashionista? That is Bewakoofiyan. Imagine a film where Rishi Kapoor once again steals the show. That is Bewakoofiyan. And imagine a film where Ayushman Khurana gets to play the cool Punjabi munda again. That is Bewakoofiyan. As the tagline goes- Pyaar mein thoda stupid. This film is actually way stupider than you can imagine. But its an incredibly goofy film and with a charismatic bunch of actors leading the show, you end up enjoying the show. Special credit to Habib Faisal for injecting humor into a topic which is serious,oops make that very serious. Recession is something which is enough to knock the wind out of any corporate employee, so to build a story upon that and layer it with dollops of satire does deserve brownie points.


The story is about Mohit Chadha (Ayushman) who from being promoted as a Senior Executive turns unemployed in a matter of days and from there on, the cat and mouse game begins between Rishi and Ayushman. Sonam plays the ideal foil to the two men and the rich successful corporate woman role seems made for her. The fluffy dialogues and the vibrant cinematography keeps you interested and you enjoy while it lasts.

Ayushman Khurana who is 3 films old now displays a terrific growth since his last film role (Nautanki Saala) and ably stands up to Rishi Kapoor. Sonam like always is cuteness personified and giggles through her part with amazing chutzpah. The music unlike the previous Raghu Dixit- Nupur Asthana combo (Mujhse Fraandship Karoge) isnt as fresh but a couple of songs are dancy and hummable.

Lastly, Nupur Asthana in her second film shows her appetite for handling romcoms if given a chance and emerges triumphant with her second venture. This one can be watched if you have nothing else to do. Unless you love the Ramsays too much.

Rating- 3/5

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