Shaadi ke Side Effects- Talking of side effects, watching this lousy film left me thoroughly bored!!!!

When you manage to cast two of the finest actors around, you believe your job is done. When you manage to get like 3-4 chart-buster songs in your films, you believe you have cracked it. And especially when you have taken 7 years to write a fitting follow up to your spicy first film, you know you have a winner on your hands. How then can you mess it all up? Well, Shaadi ke Side Effects offers to answer this question. A lot has changed in Bollywood since Saket Chaudhry gave us Pyaar Ke Side Effects. Mallika Sherawat has become past tense. Rahul Bose only does niche films. And many other things have changed. But what has not changed is the winning formula. You make a good film and success would follow you for sure.


My problem with Shaadi ke Side Effects is not that its a bad film. My issue is that the film reeks of the episodic daily soap feel which has already been milked to death by one of the film’s producers-Balaji. So why then do you cast two sparkling actors and straddle them with roles which are so one note that I am sure even Farhan and Vidya must be wondering half way through the film that what have they got into.

The film by the way is the story of Sid and Trisha who are happily married and their lives are going along just fine, till they are blessed with a bay girl. All hell breaks loose and how the couple reacts to a new addition in the family and what sacrifices they make forms the crux of the story.

The film looks good throughout and the songs whenever they do pop up act as a sort of relief from the monotony. But then it is the performances of Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan which you take back home. Both the actors have pretty much conquered the awards stage recently. Farhan doing it this year and Vidya doing it last year and the year before. The music by Pritam is as usual peppy but it is Saket Choudhry who leaves a lot to be desired. From the director of Pyaar ke Side Effects and the screenwriter of Asoka, I certainly expected a better film. I don’t know whether it was the pressure to succumb to a sequel or something else, but if this kind of work takes you seven years to execute, then I suggest making a quickie film pronto.

For the new found fans of Farhan and the growing fans of Vidya, wait for their next film. Give this one a miss and you will be glad to escape the side effects of watching this boring story unfold on screen.

Rating- 1.5/5


One thought on “Shaadi ke Side Effects- Talking of side effects, watching this lousy film left me thoroughly bored!!!!

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