Gori Tere Pyaar Mein: A futile exercise in self depreciation!!!!!

Punit Malhotra, who had burst onto the Bollywood bandwagon with a surprise hit called I Hate Luv Storys a couple of years back, returns with his second directorial venture called Gori Tere Pyaar Mein and yes, before you ask, the GORI in the title is a reference to Kareena’s complexion. And after watching the film, I have just one question for Punit- Why Imran? Or rather why Imran again? The director who probably decided to try his luck for the second time by casting Imran surely doesnt realise the meaning of the word Miscast. And alas, this film is all set to be a resounding flop, both commercially and critically. In the hands of a better and more charismatic actor, this film could have been a mega success. Alas, that is not going to be the case.

The story is about an aimless guy who prefers to party wee into the night instead of attending his aunt’s funeral. But his life changes when he comes across a wannabe social worker girl who impresses him with a first Tooh. Then begins the clash of ideologies between a yuppie who doesnt care about anyone other than himself and an activist who finds a new issue everyday to fight for. While they break up at the end of the first half, the guy goes looking for her in a godforsaken village where she has been camping for 11 months, doing god knows what. But as soon as the guy reaches the village, she remembers that they have a bridge to build and this makes the guy who had forgotten that he has studied architecture spring into action. The rest of the film is about how he finally manages to build the bridge and in turn bridge the gap which existed between him and the girl. Too smart, are we?


My heart goes out to Kareena Kapoor. She looks luminously beautiful in every frame. But alas, with zilch support from Imran Khan, there is only this much she could do. In fact, even Shraddha Kapoor steals away the couple of scenes where she features with Imran. The rest of the cast is ho hum and the chemistry between Imran and Kareena is as cold as the Shimla winters. Infact, Imran manages to establish more chemistry with Esha Gupta who stars in a song than he does with Kareena in the whole film.

The songs are quite dancy and peppy, but with such a shoddy script, even good music doesn’t really help matters. Mahesh Limaye captures each frame with delicate hands and gives us a visually nice film to look at. But alas, the film suffers from the predicament which plagues most of KJo films. Behind all that gloss and glamour, there is a void where ideally there should have been a script. And for that I blame the director Punit Malhotra, who is one of the writers.

If you must watch this film, then be prepared to come out feeling confused just like I did wondering why do people still cast Imran Khan who has exactly 3 expressions in his repertoire.

Rating- 1.5/5


Goliyon ki Raasleela: Ram Leela….Birth of a raunchier and violent Bhansali…

10 minutes into Ram-Leela and Bhansali had managed to kill 2 birds with a single shot.The first being guns fired in a Bhansali film, and second was justifying the title Goliyon ki Rasleela aptly. From there, begins a journey which although retains the essence of Romeo & Juliet, but takes a raunchier and a violent approach to depict the immortal saga of the two star crossed lovers. And there in lies Bhansali’s strength. After delivering two back to back turkeys, Bhansali retuns with a vengeance to retell a tale soaked in blood and enmity. And his take is refreshingly original and entertaining.

The story follows two warring clans of Gujarat who would stop at nothing to prove their supremacy. After a furious action chase sequence at the very beginning, Bhansali introduces us to his Ram (Ranveer). And Oh Boy, what an introduction it is! The chart buster Tattad Tattad sucks you into the world created by Bhansali. Then we are introduced to Leela (Deepika), a firebrand who cares a damn about family enmity. And thus begins a romance which is as physical as any relationship can be, but at the same time the chemistry between the pair is kinetic. The first half is all about developing the romance. It is the second half wehere the film shifts gears bringing to the forefront, the enmity between the families and the ramifications it has on Ram Leela’s romance. Throw in a side track of a villian (Gulshan Deviah) who wants to become numero uno and you have an ideal story.

But then again, Ram Leela wouldnt have been as brilliant without Supriya Pathak. The lady still has the  mojo and gives ample display of her range of emotions. As Leela’s mother and head of the family, she pulls off the film’s coolest performance. But at the end of the day, it is Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone who deliver their carteer best performance in a role which is highly demanding. Ranveer especially doesnt put a foot wrong, and Deepika needless to say is on a roll and whatever she is touching this year, seems to turn into box office gold.

ram leela

The music by Bhansali himself is terrific and with the visuals takes up an altogether brilliant meaning. The camera by ravi Verman is fantastic and he brings makes Ram Leela a visual extravaganza. Lastly, Sanjay leela Bhansali it is who deserves a pat on his back for not just writing a film which is so opposite to his style but also directing it brilliantly. 

This take on Romeo and Juliet would certainly leave the Bard pleased, no make that very pleased.

Rating- 4/5

Krrish 3: Even 3 Hrithiks can’t save this film from being a colossal bore…

I really don’t expect much from Indian superhero films. After the catastrophic Ra.One, my  ONLY expectation from any film of this genre is that they offer some bang for my buck moments to take home. Unfortunately, Krrish 3 fails to match up to my meager expectations. I had liked Krrish, because almost 7 years back, it was a spectacle which hadn’t been seen on Indian screen before. Plus it had Hrithik in an all new avatar. Alas, Rakesh Roshan manages to undo all that good which he had done with Krish and serves us a regressive film. The signs were there already. An abysmal soundtrack was like a warning that you should walk in with minimal expectations. And that is the only reason this film will not crash at the box office like Ra.One , because frankly the expectations from Krrish 3 are much lower.

My biggest complain from the film is that it is a boring watch and is highly unoriginal. In fact we don’t even have to look westwards, a lot of scenes are exactly similar to Ra.One. Rakesh Roshan tried his best to pick and choose from all superhero films and create a bhelpuri of a script, but he fails even on that count. The film tries to emotionally connect with you, and when that fails, it tries to win you over with its CGI wizardry. But all that sadly wasn’t enough to keep the two kids next to me awake, as 1.5 hours into the film, I could hear their snore louder than the background score. And we have the Roshans has going all out claiming this to be a Diwali gift for kids.

The plot if there ever was one is of Krish saving Mumbai from absolutely everyone and anyone. He repairs planes, bashes up bank robbers and saves a kid hanging from a wire, that is till he is given something serious to do. That is to save Mumbai from Kaal. Rohit Mehra as Hrithik’s father (Hrithik again) hams to the hilt and his accent starts geting on your nerves after a while. Krish when he is not sporting a mask, tries to retain a job,but keeps getting fired every time. Where does that leave the leading ladies, you ask? Priyanka Chopra is serviceable in a role which only required her to appear by Krishna’s side once in a while. Kangana Ranaut is actually good fun in a role where she switches sides. But it is Vivek Oberoi who winds hands down for being the biggest caricature of the year. If that torture of a film called Grand Masti wasn’t enough, Vivek as Kaal twists and contorts his face in every scene while asking the same bloody question 25 times to the same 5 people. Doesn’t he realize in the first instance that they don’t have the bloody answer to his predicament?

The songs whenever they appear are the ideal moment for you to take a loo break. YES, they are that bad. The direction is strictly okay, but from a man who has been directing films for the last 30 odd years, you expect better. The acting by Hrithik Roshan is uninspiring. But it is not his fault. Saddled with a one tone character, he really doesn’t get the scope to display much histrionics. In fact, the only other time I have sympathized with an actor so much before was when I had watched Mausam. Such brilliant actors made to do silly stuff and they agree to do them for the sake of their fathers. Kangana Ranaut is the best performer in the film and when that is the case, you know where the film is heading.

I believe all that a superhero can do, has been filled into this film and I believe by the end of its run, Krrish 3 would have squeezed the audience dry of a few hundred crores. But it was the last scene which leaves the scope for a climax, that left me scared. In fact very scared!!!!! Another Krrish it seems is just around the corner. Cutting a long review short, this Diwali spectacle turns out to be a damp squib!!!

Rating- 2/5