John Day- A thrilling trip to hell and back!!!!!

Naseeruddin Shah and Randeep Hooda in a faceoff….That had me sold ever since I watched the first promo and I couldn’t really wait to watch the film. I was expecting a thrilling drama and honestly speaking, I was a wee bit disappointed. But that is a minor blemish for a film which otherwise is a cut above the rest. Debutante director Ahishor Soloman comes up with a dark, noirish film which leaves you wanting for more.

The story revolves around the murder of a teenager at a farmhouse where she has come for a romantic escapade with her boyfriend. The girl’s father who is a bank manager John Day (Naseer) and mother (Shernaz patel) are shattered by her death and before they completely recover, 2 years pass by and John is dealt a body blow when his bank is robbed and his wife is left for the dead. This sets in motion a string of events where he and ACP Gautam (Randeep Hooda) are involved in a cat and mouse chase to the finish.

The story is intelligently crafted or as I have heard inspired and the atmospherics are top notch. The opening scene of Randeep Hooda is terrific and sets the tone for the rest of the film. With two such great actors, the director keeps us gripped to the proceedings and the background score is terrific and further accentuates the narrative.

Naseeruddin Shah is brilliant as the man who loses everything and fights back not to avenge himself but to let the world know that not everyone can be messed with. This reminded me of his Wednesday Act where as a common man he takes a system as hostage and gets his way out. Randeep Hooda is devilishly remarkable as the corrupt cop and fully justified the director’s faith in choosing him. The rest of the ensemble cast also is terrific with Vipin Sharma as Randeep’s sidekick deserving special mention.

The film is technically superb with the cinematography leaving you awed. Especially the night shots are captured beautifully. If there is one thing which goes against the film, its the pacing which slackens towards the end of the film. The momentum is kind of lost but the end more than makes up for it.

Considering the alternatives playing at theaters near you, I suggest John Day is by far your best bet this weekend. Grab a bite of this exciting thriller and you wouldn’t really be disappointed.

Rating- 3/5




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